Tips For Maintenance

1. Read the Owner’s Manual – The Owner’s Manual contains complete and comprehensive details about your car while also providing easy steps to follow regarding the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Along with up-keeping, the owner’s manual also recommends you about safety and driving precautions.

2. Regular oil change – Regularly change the engine oil of the car as per schedule is essential. The oil plays a crucial role in lubricating the components of the car. Clean engine oil prevents the engine from overheating by absorbing the heat produced, hence improving the functioning of the vehicle.

3. Maintain the fluid levels – A few of the very essential fluid levels that need to be checked from time to time include transmission fluid, brake fluid, battery fluid and coolant fluid. It’s advised that these are checked weekly and topped up whenever required after checking their ‘full’ mark indication.

4. Check the tyre pressure – Make sure the tyres of your car are properly inflated because doing this will actually increase car’s mileage. Most of us ignore the importance of correct tyre pressure and often neglect to maintain the evenness of air pressure in all the tyres. So keep the car tyres air pressure intact because low pressure leads to low fuel mileage and high pressure can lead to an unsafe and bumpy ride. Appropriate tyre pressure also increases the driving efficiency plus increases the life-span of wheels.

5. Air filter replacement – This should be carried out regularly as per schedule. However, in case it is filled with dust and dirt, it can be replaced immediately. A clogged air filter will make your engine operate harder and thus hamper the cars fuel efficiency. Replacing the air filter as per schedule will improve your mileage by as much as 10%, so make sure you check the engine air filter at every oil change.

6. On-time servicing is the thumb rule – Make sure to always opt for an authorized station of Chevrolet for maintenance. Following the strict schedule of maintenance provided by your manufacturer is absolutely beneficial for great performance and heightened life-span of your car. Also if you are confronting any troubles or faults in vehicle, don’t ignore them and take it to the workshop before the fault gets more serious as this can cost you much more than expected.

7. Remember to use only Genuine Parts – While replacing the old parts, always use Genuine Parts. Your Chevrolet service station will provide you the details of spare parts used in the vehicle during repair and maintenance.

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