Tips For Maintenance

  • CHECK THE ENGINE OIL : As you might know that the three wheeler engine is largely dependent upon the engine oil, the level of it should not be allowed to go down below the recommended one. In most of the cases, 2T oil is used as an engine oil. 2T oil minimizes the fouling of the spark plug and pre-ignition. It also reduces the chance of deposit formation and rusting. But there is a ratio in which it should be mixed with the fuel. For a liter of the fuel, you must not add more than 20 milliliter of 2T oil.

  • DRIVE AT AN IDEAL SPEED : Three wheelers must be driven between a speed of 35 km to 45 km in order to ensure longevity of the engine. The engine of the vehicle should be warmed up before you press hard on the accelerator. For this you need to drive the three wheeler in lower gear for some time.

  • REGULARLY CHECK THE AIR PRESSURE OF THE TYRES : For better performance and smooth driving of the three wheelers, the tires of the vehicle must have optimum air pressure. Inadequate air pressure may lead to problems while maneuvering the three wheeler.

  • CHECK WORKING OF THE BRAKING SYSTEM OF THE THREE WHEELERS : The break clearance should be perfect and there should be sufficient brake fluids. Often it is seen that dust gets accumulated on the braking system that hampers its functioning.

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